Your Own Design T Shirt and Hoodies

You can now create the personalised hoodies for your every need with the help of the T-shirt Studio. They have also created a system to ease your design process by providing all your needs in the website. Even when you cannot find the functions that you want in the website, you can easily write and send it to their email and they will help you with all your inquiries or you can simply fill in the inquiries in the special instructions column.

The T-Shirt Studio is a company that started out as a hobby from two of its founders in 2002. They started this company because they believe in uniqueness of expressions and t shirts, and therefore they encourage everyone to express what they want to express by creating a design and making it visible for everyone else to see by printing it on a t shirt. With the right technology and service, this T-shirt Studio has grown so much from only a 50 square meter office located over a china painting shop to a 5000 square foot facility located in the Cotswold water park. Not only that, originally started with only two founders and one additional staff, it has transformed to a twenty people company.