Various Applications of Tyco Relays

In the world of electromechanical relays, Tyco Relays have a good name for years. Although the company has changed their name form Tyco Electronics to TE Connectivity, many people still use Tyco. When you search in the market, you can use both name Tyco or TE Connectivity.

Electromechanical relay itself is a controller. It is an electrically operated switching device for various electro mechanic devices that high powered. You can find various types of electromechanical relays such as solid state and hybrid type. Each type has different characteristics and features for different usage. It could be use for circuit isolation, amplifying a digital signal, time delay, logic function, as a switch to standby state of a device, and more. The applications of electromechanical relay are wide range in various fields such as telecommunications, automotives, wireless technologies, aerospace, military, and more.

What makes Tyco or TE connectivity relays are good is due to high quality relays. They provide wide range of relay options with different switching capabilities and different features to meet different requirements. Even more, they provide high performance relays that suitable for the use in aerospace and military application where the environment could be so extreme with high temperature, altitude, vibration, and shock.