Top 5 Roof And Gutter Maintenance Tips

Winter is no time for a roof repair. Massachusetts homeowners, and those throughout the northeast, have their work cut out for them in avoiding roof repairs due to the highly variant weather this area experiences. The significant amount of rain, snow, ice, and wind, in addition to the extreme temperature changes, can truly wreak havoc on your home, especially on the roof and gutters.  On the plus side, there are some fairly basic steps you can take to keep your home in good shape and avoid roof repair, Massachusetts or anywhere you may be.

Number 5: Develop a working relationship with a qualified, reputable, experienced local roofing contractor. Ideally, your contractor will handle roofs and gutters, which will save you time and money. Have this company perform periodic gutter cleaning, routine maintenance, and, when necessary, roof repair. Massachusetts is home to many high quality contractors, so you have plenty of options.

Number 4: If you choose to tackle gutter cleaning yourself, always work with a partner, wear appropriate personal protective equipment such as work goggles, long sleeves, long pants, and heavy gloves. Practice proper ladder safety, and never use the gutters to support your weight. Even if you do clean your gutters yourself, in the northeast, it’s important to have a professional come inspect your roof and gutters periodically.

Number 3: Never ignore an overflowing or clogged gutter. These are signs of gutter damage, and the longer they go untended, the more likely it is that you’re in for a roof repair. Massachusetts homeowners who allow clogs to remain will find that, in winter, they cause frozen gutters, which can buckle, crack, and pull away from the home causing serious, costly damage.

Number 2: Always bring in a professional when you suspect you may need a roof repair. If you’re not sure, ask.  Ignoring the problem will almost always make it worse.

Number 1: Install gutter guards. Gutter guards reduce or eliminate the need for gutter cleaning and keep water flowing freely through your gutters and downspouts. This prevents water from soaking the ground at the foundation and also keeps it from backing up onto the roof and into the attic, both of which reduce the chances of needing a roof repair. Massachusetts homeowners have great success with solid-surface gutter guards because these devices block out almost all debris, which is a key factor when those leaves start falling.