The 5 Worst Home Inspection Finds

Let’s face it, there’s almost no such thing as a home in perfect condition. But some home deficiencies are so egregious that they’re almost laughable. Unfortunately, some sellers do everything in their power to cover up their homes’ most crippling flaws, which is why it’s always a good idea to hire a home inspector before crossing the “t’s” and dotting the “i’s” of your new deed.

Listed below are some of the most outrageous flaws home inspectors have experienced in their travels:

1. Odd breaker placement: Remember when your mother told you not to place electrical devices in water? Well, someone didn’t get quite the message. One home inspector had the dubious honor of inspecting a home where a fuse panel, breaker panel and outlet were all within easy reach of the toilet. What’s next, a portable hairdryer located in the shower?

2. Wasp’s nests: One unlucky home inspector had the unfortunate experience of investigating a home infiltrated by wasps. Now don’t get us wrong, wasps have their places in nature. But right outside your home isn’t one of them.

Even more absurd is that the nest was perched inches away from the kitchen window, rendering it easily visible. So the next time you’re on dish detail, remember that things could always be worse. There could be over a thousand wasps staring right at you, ready to pounce.

3. Wiring messes: Older homes were not built for today’s modern, technological world. But that doesn’t mean homeowners should take it upon themselves to install additional wiring. In one case, a home inspector found an electrical box so stuffed with wires that the box couldn’t even close. Compounding matters further, the box was located on the home’s exterior. The grossly mismanaged box presented a severe safety hazard, one that could potentially result in death. Suffice to say, the home did not pass inspection.

4. Misplaced fans: Generally speaking, fans are a welcome addition to any home. That is, as long as they’re properly placed. In one outlandish scenario, a home inspector noticed that a home’s fan was located awfully close to the attic door. Upon further inspection, it was revealed that when the door was opened, the fan’s blades overlapped. In what amounts to a miscalculation of the highest order, it appears that the installer failed to realize that placing a fan so close to the attic could pose serious safety risks.

5. A walk-up garage: On a more hilarious note, a home inspector hailing from California had the liberty of inspecting a home with a very peculiar abnormality. You see, what the home’s architect didn’t realize is that cars aren’t designed to climb steps. Not only were there three steps leading up from the driveway to the garage, but also the garage itself was so grossly misaligned that a car would have had trouble parking there regardless. Maybe the garage was supposed to function as the front door, who knows?

True, most homes aren’t in as poor condition as the ones listed above. But why take the risk? You may be surprised to find that your prospective new home harbors a few peculiarities of its own.