Rhino Deck Products: Perfect Solution for My Elderly Parents

My parents, now in their mid 80s, live across the country from us. This long distance makes it difficult for me to make sure they are taken care of properly. For example, they needed a new deck and ramp on the back of their house. Because their house sits up high off the ground, my elderly parents had to climb around five stairs to get up on the porch. With their failing health, they had trouble climbing the stairs. Sometimes they felt prisoners in their own home.

From hundreds of miles away, I contacted a reputable contractor in their area and described the job I wanted to be completed at my parent’s home. He was able to bill me directly so my parents did not have to worry about paying for or overseeing the project. The last step before starting the job was selecting the right materials for the project.

After asking around and conducting research, we determined the best material for my parents’ new deck and ramp was Rhino Deck products. The company’s composite wood products come in several colors and require minimal upkeep. This sounded perfect for my ailing parents. The contractor began work and accomplished the job in two days. Today, my parents are thrilled with their new deck and ramp. They no longer feel they have to stay indoors due to their inability to climb or descend stairs. I am very appreciative for the contractor’s work and the Rhino products that have worked so well for my parents.