Maid Service in Singapore


Getting a help at home is always preferable. This kind of need has find the necessity due to the fact that not the entire family or house have sufficient man power or time to do various job that will keep the house in the good shape. Since there will be plenty time that you will leave the house, hiring random maid to do the job is quite risky. The risk will be set into two conditions. The first is related with the work quality. Without enough skill at hand, any simply cleaning duty will be a real problem. Letting the well trained maid will ensure you that the help will be satisfactory. The second is related with the house safety. Since you will leave the house with a stranger, the random maid will never be a real guarantee for any possible thievery. That is why; picking the maid from trusted service will be a better option.


To find trusted maid agency Singapore, asking your neighbor or your best friend about the service will be a positive first thing to do. This will help you to find rough information on maid agency. Since there will be possibility that the personal experience may not help you that much, finding an agency that run the service online will be another practical alternative. The service will be one of the agencies that are worth to consider.


In general, the service for the maid will be set into two conditions. The first is the part time maid. The second is the full time maid. For part time maid is done by Singapore citizen or permanent resident. The service is usually available once or twice a week. Meanwhile, for the full time maid is mostly done by foreign domestic worker. You will need to provide the maid basic need. For inexperienced full time maid, the salary will range from $310-$360 and there will higher standard for the experienced one.