Discovering the Oldest City in Europe: Rome

Exploring historical events and places is an interesting job to do. If you are a person who loves exploring and discovering, then Rome is the perfect place to visit. Rome is the capital city of Italy which is commonly referred as “The Eternal City”. If you never visited this beautiful city before, t hen you will need to know where to look so you can reserve a hotel room. You can search on the Expedia websiteto browse through cheap Rome hotels. Once you find a hotel room, you’ll be able to read through customer reviews so you can make sure you are picking the right hotel that suits your needs. If you have questions about the reservation process, a 24-hour online service is offered by Expedia which makes it easier for customers to book their rooms, flights, and car rentals.


One of the Most Visited Tourist Destinations

Did you know that Rome history spans more than two and a half thousand years and that the city is one of the oldest in Europe? That is the reason why Rome is the perfect place for exploring artifacts, culture, tradition and historical events. Rome is also known as one of the most visited tourist destinations so why not explore the city and unwind for a week or two? Millions of people travel to this beautiful city every year just to learn about the rich history. It’s almost impossible to learn everything about Rome in just one visit, so you’ll have to plan another vacation to Rome once you get home. You will see how beautiful their buildings are built and you’ll also be inspired how artists have done this that when you go home you will have a picture to show your friends or family how attractive the place is.


Visiting Rome’s Museums


Before you go to the museums to learn about the history of Rome, you can take a cruise down the Tiber River with your loved one. You can travel to the Vatican museum to learn about the rich history of Rome. One thing that set Rome apart from the rest of the country is that it has a personality of its own.Rome is an impressive cityto learn about when you are on vacation.You will be able to look online to buy passes to visit the local historical landmarks that have made an impression on millions of people.