Carpet and flooring ideas

One’s home is a reflection of personal taste and individuals naturally choose furnishings and color schemes they are happy to live with. However, whilst a lot of attention is often paid to paint colors and to blinds, and drapery fabrics, flooring is a feature that is often a second thought, yet great flooring choices can provide the key foundation to achieving a coordinated home of unique character and style. CarpetOne has an online search facility to help find just the right products to achieve this goal.


Contemporary architecture is associated with the principle ‘form follows function’, and in fact this is a great philosophy when applied to flooring, as it simply means that the aesthetic qualities of the type of floor covering should be based on where it is to be used – a water resistant surface that’s perfect for a bathroom or kitchen, for example, is not necessary for a bedroom, den or living room.


Function first


Floor coverings that are impervious to water come in a variety of styles, for example CarpetOne recommends tiling a kitchen floor in a high-contrast block pattern for a traditional look, or using larger-scale pale colored tiles for a more contemporary tone. Similar choices are available for bathrooms, where stone or ceramic tiles can add charm and elegance.


Wear and tear takes a toll on all floors, so areas that will experience heavy-duty traffic, such as a hallway, stairs and main living spaces need durable coverings. Hardwood flooring is increasingly popular and comes in a range of shades, from the very darkest for a classic look, to paler blonde wood, reminiscent of Scandinavian color schemes. These can always be enhanced with a smart rug in bright or soft colors to add extra warmth or to alter the ambiance.


And so to the bedroom where most people seek to create an atmosphere that is restful and serene; the better to aid relaxation and sleep and where softer quality carpets are a favorite. Nowadays, these are strong yet velvety, and often stain-resistant too, so ideal for children’s rooms as well as the adult boudoirs.


Striking patterns and unique colors


Stripes are a great way of influencing the perceived dimensions of a space – using vertically striped carpets on stairs or hallways, for example, has the effect of drawing the eye along the length of the carpeted area, while wide stripes in bold colors will open up a space. If choosing flooring for a new nursery room or a bedroom for a toddler, consider carpeting with neat, narrow stripes in muted tones that will still work for an older child or even a teenager.


A good tip is to contrast the carpet patterns with those elsewhere in a room – a plain room with neutral drapes and furniture can be enhanced by a floor covering that is brightly patterned; a space that is already busy with colors and ornamentation needs a quieter, plainer tone at floor level.


When a home is largely open-plan then changing the floor covering helps to define different spaces – a vinyl or tiled kitchen floor can give way to a laminated floor in the dining area and then a carpet in the living room.