Because You Can’t Swim in Cold Water

After hard day at work, there’s nothing more relaxing than dipping your body into a swimming pool. It is really great and help your to refresh. But don’t forget, you need a comfortable water temperature. When the water is too cold, you can get sick rather than get relaxed. That’s why you need your pool heater in good condition.

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If the light on the control panel at the top of your pool and spa Sta-Rite Heating, called “service system” is activated, the following must be done to diagnose what your heater Sta-Rite does not work. A systematic approach will help solve a limitation of the problem without having to call a technician. There are many things that can go wrong, but many of the problems can be easily solved by using some simple tools. For this first segment it is only a screwdriver or a wrench 5/16 and need a simple multi-meters. Other segments are solved in other aspects of the systemic problems.

Before diagnosis, they begin to test some things. These items are to check the first two points on a gas stove. This is a gas, then the gas is first activated in the oven, and have enough gas in the tank. After the electric water heater. Ensure that all equipment and / or switches on the circuit on the stove. (Incidentally, this last point should be the first spa pool or malfunctioning equipment in one piece is checked.)

Now start with the basics. Without an adequate flow of water, heating is not in operation.

1. Run the pool pump? Do not walk, without water.

2. If the filter needs to be cleaned in the system? Again, if the water flow is compromised, the heating does not work. A sand filter, this is accomplished usually with a simple backwashing to remove dirt and debris. Maybe filter has helped to have a backwash or may require a more thorough cleaning. A cartridge filter may be necessary, the cartridge and cleaned or replaced to be removed if it is old, and should increase the flow of purified water does not.

3. When all systems of valves in the correct position? Perhaps the power is turned off for heating. Even in this case, the result is heat. Or some of the flow as possible about beaten by heating or heating is not limited, and to allow sufficient current to operate.

4. The last point under water stream would be a switch of low water pressure. the water pressure and be able to do for testing, you must first remove the outer part of the shell 2 of the furnace. Together it is necessary to remove the four screws on the sides. The screws can be removed with a screwdriver or an adjustable wrench or socket 16/05. The pressure switch is located on the right side of the water supplier is willing, as she looks. With your electric meter in ohms, the pressure switch should be read as a dead short. Meter reading 0 or crunches. This is the same result obtained when the counter is set to Ohm and touch the two drivers throughout the meter. If you open to read a problem. OPEN is nowhere meter or gauge reading when you have a counter that is inserted and Ohm are connected and the lines are not to touch anything. If you determined to have a good flow of water; Its pressure is probably wrong. You need to get a new switch and install. If you need more than a short dead meters (indoors) or fixed open, has a problem. Everything is in the middle that can change is a bad contact or dirty. Make sure you have good contacts. Clean the contacts and treat your measurements.

To replace the pressure, the way it should be. First, turn off the pool pump. Then turn the power to the heater. Remove the cable switch and turn on the switch on the left. Screw the new pressure switch clockwise, making sure the right resource. The plastic and has thin wires, and can be easily damaged. Then connect the cables. I recommend that if you get a chance, that’s your new connections to cables, but they are clean and intact, is not an absolute necessity. Turn on the pool pump and turn on the device. You can now use the stove with four screws and quickly connect to enjoy the heated pool.

This segment is one of the most common reasons that has a pool and spa heat your pool or spa is not working and heat. Return continuous steps to continue.