5 Ways Eames Styles Changed the Furniture Industry


During the mid-20th century, a new breed of chair designs was born. Originally developed for a furniture brand, this style eventually penetrated the market due to its combination of both elegance and comfort. Borrowing its name from its creators, the Eames chair style is among the favorites when it comes to corporate environments.


Indeed, this one of a kind chair style has changed the furniture industry for good. Below are just some of the changes which paved the way for revolutionary styles which continue to be in use up to this day.


  1. It encouraged other designers to create new innovative furniture designs – A few years later, a number of designers followed the steps with their own new designs which rocked the furniture industry in the 60s and 70s.
  2. It incorporated style, form and function for the first time in the field – For the first time in the history of the chair, form, function and style are all rolled into one amazing piece of furniture. And because people want to experience this kind of comfort, they immediately bought the style and placed in in their homes and offices.
  3. It forever changed the way workplaces looked like – Chairs which are made for offices now resemble the original idea of the Eames chair. It ensures the safety of the person sitting on it, while making sure he is seated comfortably.
  4. It allowed people to enjoy chairs as a means of luxury – Back in the day, only overly rich people are able to enjoy luxurious chairs equipped with armrests and footstools. Now, even office employees can enjoy these as a benefit of being a part of the company.
  5. Backrests and armrests became a necessary feature for a chair design to work – Since this style was developed, new chairs were created with armrests and backrests. Borrowing from the original idea, some even created chairs which can be modified based on the height of the person sitting.


As you can see, Eames style in furniture will continue to hold the high standards when it comes to luxury seats and corporate desks and tables. Now if you are trying to find the best option for your own office or home, there are a number of things you should think about first.


First of all, you should know where exactly you would want to place the chair or table once you get it from the manufacturer. Remember that it should not be just a chair – it is a part of your home or office’s overall design. Unless you are fairly sure what to do with the chair, you might as well postpone your schedule for getting this chair, sit down on your old one and plan your move.