Subs Slab Vapor Intrusion

The new patented and re-useable sub slab soil gas sampling kit is now are available. This has replaced the traditional one that waste in time, cost, and leaks prone. The kit designed to eliminate for problems that for years has becomes the issues for traditional sub slabs oil gas sampling.

The benefit that you can get when you use this kit are the improved quality from the sample because the kit has unique design that reduces the leaks during the collection from the sample, easy to retrieve and easy to install. The other benefit such as eliminated grout need because it has built in seal make this kit is easily to connects into sampling equipment.  When you use this kit, you are able to reduce slab damage and you can reuse it for several times. It will takes less time to collect the sampling that makes you save your time and costs.

When you buy this kit, you will get the packages on 10 favor pins, 20 sleeves, 20 vapor pins caps, 10 secure flush mounts covers, 1 spanner screwdriver, 1 brush, 1 water dam to test leak, 1 stainless steel drilling guide and 1 installation/extraction tool. The best from this kit is the entire products protected by hard -sided carrying case.

Apart from open windows or heating / cooling air, there are other air currents that allow filtering down appearing in wall edges, under doors and apertures. This additional air streams are actually made by differences in air pressure; Wind / cold / heat takes on an exterior wall of a house can create a vacuum inside the cavity or on different levels of a home.

The polluted air is drawn (due to pressure differences between chambers or levels) of the carpet fibers along baseboards, and mobile, even the walls (fine to filter and oily soil when it comes). Holes in the support of the knee kicker carpet carpet installers are also sensitive to drafts. Lines Loch filtration and are generally perpendicular to the wall.

The doors are always closed, can also make a small whirl from the lower edge of the door and the edges of the carpet fibers are caused to filtration line that will be formed underneath the gate.

The warmer air to the upper floors of a house will produce thermal air currents and expands the warmer air; This growing volume of air must go somewhere, usually following the path of least resistance along the walls of the cold air return holes and down the stairs all the time filtered through the carpet fibers.